Creating a Lounge Area in the Study

We were in Crate & Barrel and I had seen a couch in a shade of burnt orange and suggested we paint the accent wall in the study that color.  She tells me no it is tomato red because the sign said so.  I tell her it is similar to burnt orange and that could be an option for the study.  She says no.  This week she decides the study should be burnt orange.

We took the trim off, taped off the other walls, and painted.  This task took about 3 hours with one time out.  Again, nothing like home improvement to test your relationship.

We had already purchased a few fun pieces from Ikea to pair with our CB2 and Crate & Barrel furniture.  We are still making changes and finalizing this room as we haven’t decided on bookshelves but it is a functional space we are happy with so far.



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